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Forming the bedrock of many of our campaigns, outstanding media relations comes as standard with Jefferson Hunt. Based on the simple principle that journalists are also clients, we have established an enviable reputation for high quality, quick and relevant service amongst the media with whom we work.

Unlike other PR consultancies that will make this claim unsubstantiated, at Jefferson Hunt we like to provide real evidence of our media reputation. To do this we regularly undertake an audit of PR service standards amongst journalists we deal with. Simple in its concept we ask journalists to score both our performance and that of our competitors against 12 key PR service standards. Done through a client mechanism this audit not only tracks our performance, it gives valuable insight into the performance of our competitors and their client companies, thus providing useful intelligence that allows tactical adjustments to be made to our PR programmes whilst informing future strategy development.

These audits confirm Jefferson Hunt's status as the best performing PR consultancy in the key B2B drinks trade media

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